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This is a short-maze game all centered around one level, it should take you up to 30-40 minutes to complete the game fully.

The objective of this "Maze Game" is to collect the pieces to unlock the way out. Can you find them all?


Legend has it, before the great war between the gods and the demi-gods, Humans constructed a "Never Ending Maze" in which they could imprison the leaders of both army's to make sure that a war could never happened... sadly there efforts were in vain, by the fourth age war had broken out. Throughout this blood socked war many humans, demi-gods and gods died, great armies that once were are no longer. At the beginning of the fifth age a Human overcame his fear and hatched a plan to finally end the wars. After many years Gogalo grew a name for himself from being a farmer to now the greatest warrior they had, Gogalo plan was simple... To catch the soul of the leader "Seth" who lead the armies of the gods, and imprison her into the "Maze". Next he planned to sacrifice himself with the help of Hopean a demi-god he curse Gogalo to forever protect the maze against anymore who would try and save Seth.

After 1000 years the world forgot... Until the year 2020.

You have been hired by a company called Olaz co, that has found maps containing the location of the maze. Will you take up the task of finding out if the legends are true? Are you chosen by the gods? 


WASD: Movement. 

Space: Jump.

M: Open Map.

F: Turn off and on flashlight.

Left-click: Place a marker.

Right-click: Remove said marker.


Discord Link: NeverEndingLeX


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Loved the game, and shows much promise! My main issues with the game was that the creature was not much of a threat. I feel like he should do a little more whether it be via killing you, or if not killing you maybe stun you for some time, slow you etc. Also his pinpointing your location immediately is abit of a pain, I myself find suspense when I cannot locate him via a map, but by sound of his footsteps, gives me the oh crap is he around the corner or somewhere else feel. Loved the game and I cannot WAIT to see what comes of this, horror maze games are the best! Left a follow and please lemme know when more is done would love to do a follow up vid =)

Heyy! Thank you so much for the feedback, that is a great idea creates a lot of suspense if you know something is there but can't see it.

Again thank you very much for creating a video and sharing the game, and all your feedback it's a great help!


Hey. I played your game and included it in a video. If you want to cut your game out of the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make similar videos every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. Anyway, I enjoyed playing your game.

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Heyy! I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game, the Video was great, thank you for making a video of the game I'm still updating it and watching this I can see some problems which I fix next patch! 

Edit. Pushed a new patch which fixed the text issue


I enjoyed playing it. =D


Hey man! Just tried it and i gotta say i liked it! Cant wait to see how it improves in the newer versions!